Receta | Pumpkin gnocchi with stracchino and ham

Pumpkin gnocchi with stracchino and ham

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100 g Stracchino Quescrem
500 g of pumpkin roasted in the oven (approximately 1 kg raw)
100 g dried potato flakes in powder form
1 egg
175 g of flour
Grated Parmesan cheese
50 g of toasted hazelnuts
3 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
300 ml cream
50 ml of dry white wine
20 g of butter
50g of Serrano ham
Olive oil



For the gnocchis dough:

Peel the pumpkin and cut it up, put it in the oven with a couple of spoonfuls of water, salt and some thyme branches. Leave for about 1 hour at 170º or until they are roasted.

Then, put it through the potato masher and leave it on a low heat until it dries, then let it cool down.

In a bowl, mix the pumpkin, the flour, the potato flakes, the egg and the grated cheese, but do not work too hard.


For the sauce:

Chop the shallots and fry them with the butter and a spoonful of olive oil, add the garlic and the chopped ham.

Add the wine and leave to reduce. Add the cream, bring to boil and add the Stracchino Quescrem, bring to the boil until it has the consistency of a sauce, add salt if necessary.



Stretch the dough into thin rolls and cut portions of about 1 cm. Shape with a fork.

Cook the gnocchi in plenty of water with a bit of salt, leaving them until they float.
Drain and mix with the sauce, add the chopped chives and the hazelnuts.

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