Recipe |Tiramisu in glasses for delivery or take away

Tiramisu glasses

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For the mascarpone mousse:

1000 g of Mascarpone Quescrem
200 g of milik
800 g of cream 35% FAT
200 g of sugar
40 g egg yolk

To finish:

500 g of sponge finger
400 g of coffee
80 g of Amaretto


In the case of delivery or take away sales, some glasses can be sealed with a small aluminum operculum without the need for a specific packaging machine for greater security in transport.



Mascarpone mousse

Heat the milk with the sugar to a boil and remove from the heat. In the bowl of the mixer, beat the egg yolks until white, add the Mascarpone Quescrem and the cream and beat until it rises (first at a slow speed until it is mixed and then at maximum speed to incorporate aeration).

When the mousse is fully assembled, pour the milk and sugar mixture into a thread. Place in a piping bag and use immediately.


To finish:

Place two small pieces of sponge finger covering the bottom of the 125ml glasses. Mix the coffee and bitter almond liqueur and with the help of a jug, moisten the biscuits in the glasses with the coffee mixture without soaking them completely.

Fill the glass with mascarpone mousse and leave ½ one centimetre of space to the rim. Sprinkle cocoa powder on top and seal tightly. Serve

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